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Tanya Winscott ABC10 Advertising San Die

Tanya Winscott

Director of Advertising

Mike Gross ABC10 Advertising San Diego.j

Mike Gross

Local Sales Manager

Susan Turman ABC10 Advertising San Diego

Susan Turman

Local Sales Manager

Joy Jennings Scripps ABC10 Advertising S

Joy Jennings

National Sales Manager

Samantha Lane ABC10 Advertising San Dieg

Samantha Lane

Sales Marketing Project Manager

Kat Lehne, ABC10 Advertising San Diego.jpg

Kathy Lehne

Integrated Account Executive

Bob Hoffman, ABC10 Advertising San Diego

Bob Hoffman

Integrated Account Executive

Adam Shear San Diego.jpg

Adam Shear

Integrated Account Executive

Mark Kodesh ABC10 Advertising San Diego.

Mark Kodesh

Integrated Account Executive

Carolyn Thorpe ABC10 Advertising San Diego.JPG

Carolyn Thorpe

Sales Support Associate

Joloise Ivery ABC10 Advertising San Diego KGTV.JPG

Joloise Ivery

Traffic Copy Editor

Aubrey Gelpieryn

Associate Account Executive

DeeDee McCurdy KGTV.jpg

DeeDee McCurdy

National Sales Support Associate


Teran Baggett

Sales Support Associate